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  • Barcelona in 48 hours

    I was lucky enough to visit Barcelona on my European tour. I remember watching Cheetah Girls 2 on Disney Channel in 2007, and I saw the girls run around Barcelona. It immediately…

  • Paris in Pictures

    Paris is one of the most visited and photographed cities in the world. As a result of this, I thought long and hard about how to blog about my visit. Then it…

  • 12 ways to save for travel

    The most important factor to consider as a traveler is money. There are several ways to save for traveling, we simply have to have a goal, and make the best use of…

  • Things to know before visiting Bogota

    I did not know much about Bogota, Colombia before I decided to visit. I did  some research and I noticed a lot of articles talked about things to do in Bogota as opposed…

  • 10 things not to miss in Bogota

    Being the capital of what some people see as a controversial country, I was not sure what to expect. It was bad enough that I do not speak an ounce of Spanish and I also expected people in Colombia to speak English.

  • The Quisby Hostel Review, New Orleans

    What is clean, new, and has friendly staff? The Quisby, New Orleans
    Recently, I decided to write a Bucket List. I have never stayed in a hostel therefore, I decided to add it to my Bucket List.
    What is the big deal about staying in a hostel?

  • Foodie Guide: 12 places to eat in New Orleans

      I pride myself as a foodie! With that being said whenever I travel, I tend to eat more just because I want to try foods from different places. My most recent…