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Phuket, Thailand: Beach Side Cooking Class

I became an ambassador for Cookly earlier this year and one of the fun things about the job is the fact that I get to attend several cool classes while traveling. One of the classes I attended was a beach side cooking class in Phuket, Thailand. I was initially apprehensive about visiting Phuket because I…


5 things I learned from Solo Travel

Today I would love to touch on a topic that is very dear to me and something that has completely changed me as a person. In honor of International Women’s day, I want to discuss solo travel as a woman and how it has positively impacted me. When I started traveling in 2016, I could…


CDMX: Mexican Street Tacos Cooking Class with Chef Graciela

I thought I knew a lot about tacos till I attended the Mexican Street Tacos Cooking Class in Mexico City and actually made delicious tacos. The street tacos cooking experience was EPIC, and it made me love and appreciate tacos even more. Learning from a pro definitely makes a difference. The process of making tacos…

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Dating Chronicles of a Solo Female Traveler Part 2

Last week, I posted a blog about my experience with meeting people, especially men, and dating abroad. In this second installment I would like to dive a little deeper into my experiences, talk about the different categories of people I met in different places, and share what I learned about myself as a result of…


Dating Chronicles of a Solo Female Traveler Part 1

Breathe in. Breathe out… Why am I performing breathing exercises? This post is making me nervous because it is taking me outside my comfort zone. I am allowing the reader to pry a little deeper into Victoria and my travel life behind what I generally show on social media. I was a little skeptical about…


Review of CitizenM Hotel, Taipei

It is no secret that I travel the world quite frequently so finding a nice place to stay can be a challenge. Sometimes a hotel has too little reviews and other times the hotel has a lot of reviews but it is not as pleasant. I have had to stay in hotels where the latter…