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Arabia’s hidden gem: My adventures in Oman

According to the big bus, Oman is Arabia’s hidden gem. I was not sure of what to expect from Oman prior to visiting the country but I had an open mind. Oman is a small country and it shares a boarder with UAE. When people visit Dubai on vacation, they tend to skip Oman, because…


5 days of adventure in Cusco, Peru

Peru is a beautiful country known for its vast landscape and extensive mountains. Cusco is a city in Peru which is surrounded by mountains. I stayed in a hotel at the top of the hill so I got the best views of Cusco from my room. I flew from Chicago to Lima and Lima to…


4 days in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town has become one of my favorite destinations in the world. Tokyo is number 1 because it is so cutesy and animated but Cape Town is a close second. The only reason why Cape Town might possibly beat Tokyo in the future is the fact that Cape Town is cheaper and very scenic. Even…

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The Stylish Trotter’s 2017 Travel Expense

Travelling is more than just a hobby for me, it is soul healing and I am very passionate about it. I started my travel journey in 2016. I try to travel at least once every 2 months therefore the cost adds up. Since I travel so much, a lot of people assume I get paid…


Havana, Cuba Photo Album

I would not exactly Havana was what I expected but I did take a lot of pictures of the city. It is very picturesque and the rustic buildings make an amazing prop. I got a tour guide via my Airbnb host for $10 a day. The tour guide was amazing and he took me to all…


How to travel for almost free

It is possible to travel often without breaking an arm and a leg. As an avid traveler I am always looking for tips and tricks of purchasing cheap tickets and finding affordable hotels. I have a friend who travels often by redeeming airline miles. She also books hotels and rent cars with airline miles but…