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Cooking Class with Chef Tejeda- Cancun, Mexico

Mexican Gastronomy Chef- Chef Tejeda I had one of the best cooking experiences in Cancun. This was my second cooking class with Cookly, and the first was in Bali, Indonesia. I did not know what to expect while getting ready to attend the class. The description stated that the class would be based on Mexican Gastronomy…

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How to spend 7 days in Haiti

Haiti is a country I always wanted to visit since I found out 2 years ago that Nigerians could travel visa free. At the time I only traveled with my Nigerian passport so I always tried to go places that where I would not have much issues visiting with my Nigerian passport. I however did…


Photo Album: 2018 Ubud Food Festival

This year, I attended the Ubud Food Festival in Bali and it exceed my expectations. I was a fan of the several food stalls available throughout the festival, and the after party each night. This 3 day festival was one for the books. I got the foodie pass which got me access to the kitchen…


How I spent 72 hours in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Middle East. It is so popular that some people think it is a country. Dubai is a city in UAE. I think a visit to the Middle East region is not complete if a visit to Dubai is not included. Dubai attracts several tourists…

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A compilation of my 6 month travel mishaps

  In March 2016, I took my first trip to Bogota, Colombia and I fell in love with traveling afterwards. In Colombia, I met a lot of people who were backpacking South America and the notion did not make sense to me? Backpacking? Leaving your job? Traveling for few months? What does that even mean?…


Arabia’s hidden gem: My adventures in Oman

According to the big bus, Oman is Arabia’s hidden gem. I was not sure of what to expect from Oman prior to visiting the country but I had an open mind. Oman is a small country and it shares a boarder with UAE. When people visit Dubai on vacation, they tend to skip Oman, because…